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Recent rash of home explosions call for greater safety implications

A home explosion happened just hours from Pennsylvania in Danville, Virginia on Tuesday evening and whether or not it was caused by a defective insecticide is still yet to be determined. As the tri-state region has already been affected by a number of these explosions recently, it's time homeowners begin to take a serious look at the safety of their surroundings.

The explosion is said to have been caused by a chemical used to get rid of insects. Otherwise known as "bug bomb," these chemicals are extremely effective at ridding your home of pests, but are also unstable and can ignite with even the slightest mixture of gas and fire. 

The homeowner claims to have shut down the electric breaker box and cut off the valves carrying gas into his home, but the explosion happened anyway and officials say that the man is lucky to be alive. This is the third incident of this kind to have happened in the small community in the last few years.

Members of the fire department noticed a mist still pervading around the home when they were called to the scene to distinguish any fires the explosion may have caused. Upon further inspection of the home, fire fighters found that the man had indeed not completely shut the gas valves off and that the slight leak was enough to cause the detonation.

The fire marshal said that a slow gas leak, the chemicals from the bug bomb, and even the smallest spark caused by something like static electricity, can cause explosions of great magnitude.

The Danville fire marshal also said that she doesn't recommend people performing procedures that involve dangerous chemicals in their home and that they should call a professional. She said if you must do it yourself, it is imperative that you ensure all gas and electricity outlets are completely shut off and are not a danger to you and your family.

While it is not yet known if the particular brand of bug bomb is subject to recall, there are brands out there that have been recalled. If you're unsure of which ingredients in pesticides can be actively dangerous, then please click here to read about dangerous chemicals that may be used in your particular brand of bug bomb. Educate yourself about what you're using to rid your home of pests and take all of the proper safety precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.

Source: WSET, "Bug Bomb Caused Explosion in Danville Home" 30 October 2013

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