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Symptoms of a concussion may not be obvious initially

Residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania likely often hear the words brain injury. Throughout the state residents suffer these injuries on a regular basis. While a brain injury can take multiple forms. One that is likely commonly suffered is a concussion. Though concussions happen all too often, it is likely that many are wondering what the symptoms and possible outcomes of a concussion are.

Concussions should be taken seriously since they could lead to serious problems with one's brain. This is particularly true when the affected individual is a young person. In an effort to educate individuals on what constitutes a concussion and what to expect from it, a doctor from another state recently published an article that provided information regarding this matter.

The doctor indicated that it is important to note that one need not have blood running down his or her face to suffer a head injury that constitutes a concussion. In addition, medical professionals point out that it could take a while for symptoms to become obvious. When they do appear, they may affect one’s: emotions, sleep, mental abilities and physical wellbeing. The symptoms may clear up or have a listing impact. It is interesting to note that the issue may not be due to one particular incident, but the result of multiple smaller impacts that individually, a person may not deem harmful.

When a concussion is due to the negligence of another person or entity, it is possible that the injured person may file a lawsuit against who or what it responsible for the negligence occurring. Though such a lawsuit may seem like a waste of time, for those living with the side effects of a concussion, it may greatly aid in paying the accumulating medical bills.

Source: Herald Extra, “Concussions: What is a concussion?” Jared Lloyd, Sept. 16, 2013

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