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Drowsy driver on I-80 causes accident

An accident involving two trucks and a sleeping driver took place today on Interstate 80 east bound. The crash is said to have happened because one of drivers fell asleep and plowed into the back of the other trailer, sending both trucks through the guardrail and down a slight embankment. 

The accident took place around 8am just past the exit for State Route 5 in Braceville, Ohio. Three people were taken away by ambulance with injuries. Ohio State Troopers are reporting that the driver of a flatbed truck carrying six giant coils fell asleep while behind another truck that was pulling a trailer hauling shingles and nails. When the driver in front slowed down, the flatbed driver drifted into him after dozing off for just a few seconds. The collision caused the first driver to veer off the road and crash through the guardrail; the second driver followed and they both ended up sliding down a small hill, just short of trees that line the highway.

Luckily, no other vehicles were involved and no serious injuries have yet been reported. However, drowsy driving is no minor transgression. Especially on roadways where giant trucks hauling tons of freight pass through by the thousands each day, it is essential that truck drivers receive the proper amount of rest and are ready for long hauls. When truck drivers fall asleep they sit blindly behind the wheel of an 80,000 lb. death machine. Whether you are a truck driver yourself, or anyone on the road, be sure that you have enough rest before you get behind the wheel.

Source:, "Two semis crash." 5 September 2013

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