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Failure to diagnose cited in amputation injury case

When a medical emergency presents, time is often a doctor's worst enemy. This is especially true in cases involving rare or mysterious medical conditions and illnesses. It is imperative, therefore, that when these types of situations arise, doctors and members of medical staff are able to act quickly to both diagnose and treat an ailing patient as failure to do so can quickly result in a patient suffering permanent injury and even death.

A student at Ohio University was recently awarded a $250,000 settlement related to a medical malpractice lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the young woman sought medical treatment at a health center on the university's campus. At this time, doctors failed to both properly diagnose and treat a flesh-eating bacteria which was impacting the woman's right arm.

As a result of the university's failure to both properly diagnose and treat the rare condition, the bacteria was allowed to spread which resulted in the woman being forced to undergo the amputation of her right arm and shoulder. She recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the university, citing the university's negligence in directly contributing to her painful and debilitating injuries.

This case is just one of many in which individuals sustain painful and debilitating injuries due to the negligent acts of a doctor or hospital. Sadly, due to the fact that doctors failed to properly diagnose and treat the woman's medical condition, she lost her right arm and shoulder. The monies recovered under the medical malpractice lawsuit settlement will help provide for medical necessities associated with this debilitating injury.

Source: Athens Ohio Today, "Medical malpractice lawsuit against OU settled," Steve Robb, Aug. 7, 2013

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