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Slippery road may have been to blame in Pittsburgh area crash

There are many reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur in the Pittsburgh area. While many are the direct result of negligent actions a driver takes, others are not so straightforward. In some cases outside forces, such as the weather, play a role. This may have been the case in a fatal car crash that occurred earlier this month outside of Pittsburgh.

The crash occurred on Route 62 either after or as it was raining. As an 18-year-old man drove his vehicle down the road, something caused him to lose control of it, sending it into a SUV that was heading in the opposite direction. The force of the impact caused the first car to careen into another SUV also travelling on the road. Though the man driving the car survived the incident, his 17-year-old passenger did not. She was apparently not wearing her seat belt at the time. It is unclear whether anyone else was hurt in the incident.

While many people are aware of how dangerous roads can be in winter weather, when ice and snow is prevalent, many forget, or are not aware of the dangers present on roads when rain is involved. Just because it is not in the form of ice, it does not mean that car tires won’t hydroplane and slip around the road. Accordingly, it is important for those driving under these conditions to take steps to make sure they are travelling at an appropriate speed.

Whether speed or weather road conditions are to blame for this incident will likely be determined in the course of an investigation.

Source: WPXI, “Girl, 17, killed in Mercer Co. crash ID’d,” July 11, 2013

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