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Driver in fatal truck accident cited in Ohio road rage incident

Drivers of large commercial vehicles are trained professionals who drive as part of their occupation. Unfortunately, even trained driving professionals are not immune to being invovled in accidents caused by aggressive driving or distracted driving. 

A recent fatal truck accident occurred when a 53-year-old semi driver lost control of his big rig, and crashed into another stalled semi and pickup truck.The serious truck accident claimed the lives of two individuals and severely injured two others. The accident occurred midday as the truck driver traveled along an Interstate. For unknown reasons, the truck driver apparently lost control of his truck and left the lane in which he was traveling.

His truck veered off of the Interstate and crashed into a semi truck that was stalled along the shoulder. The large big rig then continued forward, crashing into another pickup truck which was also stalled along the same stretch of road. In total, four people were injured in the truck accident, two fatally.

According to police reports the 53-year-old truck driver responsible for causing the multiple-vehicle accident, was previously cited in a Ohio truck accident. In that accident, the man admitted to rear-ending a vehicle driven by a man with whom the truck driver had been engaged in a road rage incident.

Ohio residents who have been impacted by an accident involving a large commercial truck may choose to pursue legal action. In many cases, injuries sustained in such accidents are severe and require both immediate and ongoing medical attention and care. Such injuries can also result in an individual suffering permanent disabilities and suffering tremendous physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Source: The Journal Gazette, "Trucker can't recall crash that killed 2," Jeff Wiehe, July 16, 2013

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