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Blown tire causes Pittsburgh area crash

Each day residents of Western Pennsylvania suffer injuries in a variety of different types of accidents. Many of these accidents involve motor vehicles. While the outcome of these incidents is not always serious, whenever someone is involved in a car crash, it is possible that individual will suffer devastating injuries. This is particularly true when in the course of the crash, vehicle occupants end up outside of the automobiles.

An incident along these lines occurred earlier this month in the Pittsburgh area. Two individuals in a van were reportedly thrown from the vehicle after one of its tire’s blew, making it roll. As the van rolled, it struck a car as well as a guardrail.

Three people were injured in the car accident. In addition to the van occupants who were thrown from the vehicle, the driver of the car was also hurt, though the injuries suffered in that case were apparently less serious and characterized as minor. The van occupants were transported to area hospitals via helicopter. The nature of the injuries suffered is not clear.

While a blown tire can happen to anyone driving, at any time, authorities indicate that when the tire blew, the van was driving at a speed that was not considered safe. Though unknown, had the van been travelling at a slower speed, it is possible that the crash would not have ensued.

Car accidents that result in injuries often prompt personal injury lawsuits. These lawsuits may be filed by an injured party against the individual or individuals who are found to be negligent in causing the accident. Whether such a lawsuit will be filed in this instance remains to be seen.

Source: WTRF, “Two Flown to Pittsburgh Hospital After Rollover Accident Sunday,” July 15, 2013

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