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Tire blow-outs prompt recall of Jeep strollers

Last week we wrote about the recall of certain model years of Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Liberties due to the risk that fire could break out when the vehicle is hit a certain way. In this post we write about another recall of Jeep Liberties. This time however, the recalled Jeep does not have a motor. It is a stroller made by Kolcraft. A total of 96,000 strollers are included in the recall.

The reason for the stroller recall is a problem with the inner tubes located inside of the three tires. In certain situations, apparently defective inner tubes may rupture. It is possible that the blow-outs could fracture the wheel rim and send it into the air. If the rim were to hit someone it could cause injuries. 

This has apparently happened multiple times. In two of 18 injury reports received by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, children were hurt. Often, inflating the tire is what caused the rupture to occur. Thus far ruptures have been reported at least 39 times.

For many parents of young children strollers play a vital role in getting around. Because no one assumes that products manufactured and marketed for use with children will inflict harm upon children or adults caring for them, recalls such as this one are upsetting. Recognizing the importance of safe strollers for children, the CPSC is currently developing a new set of federal safety rules for the product. It is not clear when those rules will be complete but it is fair to say most parents and caregivers would agree the sooner the better.

Source: Today, "What Are the Risks as Your Doctor Goes Digital?" Herb Weisbaum, June 20, 2013

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