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Man injured in accident at Pennsylvania farm

Individuals who work on farms could be responsible for a wide variety of tasks. They vary for many reasons including what the farm produces and the time of year. While there are many activities that could pose a risk to the safety of farm workers, many of the injuries that occur involve the use of some piece of equipment.

A young man working on property being used for farming at the Mel Blount Youth Home was injured earlier this week in Western Pennsylvania. The 19-year-old was riding an ATV when the work accident occurred. According to one witness, at the time of the accident the man was feeding cows. As he did so, the ground fell away so that he was unable to stay on the vehicle and ended up in a ravine. When the vehicle landed, it was on top of the man.

Fortunately, at the time of the incident, other workers were around and able to get the vehicle off of the man. Though he was alert and able to converse, he was taken via helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital. After an examination he was released.

This incident sheds light on just one of the types of accidents that can occur when working on a farm. Had the young man in this instance been alone or been operating a heavier piece of equipment, it is possible that the outcome could have been much more serious. A worker could be crushed or, depending on the type of equipment, suffer other life-threatening injuries. The man in this case was clearly lucky.

Source: KDKA, “Farm Worker Injured In Washington Co. ATV Accident,” Brenda Waters, June 19, 2013

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