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OSHA cites Pennsylvania medical clinic for safety violations

What occupation do you believe is the most dangerous? While many would likely assume that those involving power tools or heavy equipment would claim that slot in the state of Pennsylvania neither do. While serious on-the-job injuries do of course occur in those situations, workers in the health care field often are in the most dangerous positions.

There are many ways in which a health care worker could be injured while he or she is working. In addition to being assaulted by a violent patient, there are also sometimes issues with the exposure to certain infections, particularly those transmitted via blood.

Recently a Pennsylvania medical clinic was cited by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration for violating certain safety guidelines regarding how blood at the facility was handled. The agency investigated the clinic as a result of a complaint it received regarding the matter. Among other things, the facility was cited for not providing workers training on how to avoid Hepatitis B or to create a hazard assessment that was put down in writing.

As a result of the citations uncovered by OSHA, the medical clinic is facing fines in the amount of $46,800. It may choose to contest the citations which could potentially lead to a reduction in those fines. In the alternative, it could go ahead and pay the proposed penalties.

It is unclear if the complaint that prompted the investigation was due to someone who worked there contracting Hepatitis B. If so, it is possible that individual could seek workers' compensation benefits.

Source: The Republic, "OSHA: Pa. medical clinic cited for health violations involving blood," Associated Press, April 18, 2013

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