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Carpal tunnel an issue for some Pennsylvania workers

Workplace injuries take many forms including carpal tunnel syndrome. While this condition may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about injuries Pittsburgh area workers are dealing with, it nonetheless can have a major impact on one's ability to do his or her work. When this happens it may be necessary for that individual to obtain treatment for the condition and even miss work.

Carpal tunnel has several symptoms including weakness, tingling or numbness in one's wrist or hands. In some cases individuals suffering from the condition also have difficulty with gripping or pinching something. In addition to factory or warehouse settings, workers who spend their days in front of computers typing or using a mouse are also susceptible. In short, it is possible to suffer from the condition any time someone has a job in which he or she repeatedly performs the same task.

Workers sitting behind desks can take steps to try to prevent the syndrome from occurring. In addition to looking straight ahead while working, keeping ones feet flat on the ground and back straight helps to protect one's wrist. Keeping fingers in a cupped position and elbows close to one's body also aids in this endeavor.

When a worker does find that he or she is dealing with carpal tunnel if it is severe enough, medical assistance may be necessary to address the issue. In some cases, surgery is necessary to address the pain. In situations such as this one workers' compensation benefits could come in handy.

Source: Journal Courier, “10 ways to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome,” MaryJane Slaby, April 22, 2013

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