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As more motorcyclists take to the roads, fatal accidents rise

There is no doubt about it. Motorcycles are a preferred mode of transportation for many individuals throughout the nation including the Pittsburgh area. As is the case with other motor vehicles, it is possible that they can be involved in a crash anytime. Deaths due to this type of accident were on the rise last year in the state of Pennsylvania.

The increase in deaths attributed to motorcycle accidents in the state of Pennsylvania is likely due to many factors. One of those factors could be the repeal of a motorcycle helmet law. That repeal has made it possible for motorcyclists, who are at least 21-years-old, to make the choice to ride without using a helmet. Another reason could be tied to that repeal–more individuals seeking motorcycle registrations. Since the helmet law was completely repealed, the number of individuals seeking these registrations is up by 117,878.

Drunk driving by riders also accounts for many motorcycle accidents in the state of Pennsylvania. One statistic puts the action at being responsible for 29 percent of the motorcycle accidents that occur. Speed and the condition of roads throughout the state allegedly also play a role. The phenomenon of more motorcyclists dying in crashes is not limited to the state of Pennsylvania. It is a trend seen throughout the nation, while at the same time the total number of motor vehicle deaths is declining. While some of these accidents involve other motor vehicles, in many cases no other vehicle besides the motorcycle is involved.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Motorcycle deaths in the U.S. climb as overall traffic fatalities drop," Jon Schmitz, April 24, 2013

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