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Safety tips for Ohio motorcyclists

As Ohio residents finally enjoy some warmer temperatures, many are eager to engage in spring and summer activities. For motorcycle enthusiasts, warmer temperatures provide the opportunity to dust off their bikes and head out on the open road.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, a driver often comments how he or she did not see the motorcycle. Due to their smaller size, drivers often fail to see a motorcycle until it is too late. While some motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are unavoidable, there are several actions a motorcyclist can take to help prevent being involved in an accident.

Much like drivers of cars or trucks, motorcyclists would be wise to always use their signals. Not only is it important to signal a move or lane change, but it's wise to do so well in advance of a planned maneuver. This allows other motorists ample time to react to what can otherwise be perceived as a sudden move.

It's also important for motorcyclists to ensure they remain a safe distance when following behind a car or truck. If the driver of a car or truck is forced to suddenly break or stop, a motorcyclist who is following too closely may have difficulty reacting accordingly. It's wise, therefore, to allow at least the distance and length of a car or truck.

Ohio does not require motorcyclists over the age of 17 to wear protective helmets. A helmet, however, is the most effective way that an individual can prevent suffering a severe head or brain injury if involved in a motorcycle accident. Such injuries often prove fatal and even individuals who survive are often rendered disabled.

Source: Zig Wheels, "7 Motorcycle Safety Tips," Varad More, April 5, 2013

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