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Apps developed to try to improve driving behaviors

The term "app" has entered the vocabulary of many individuals throughout the nation, including many residents of Western Pennsylvania. When an issue arises the initial response for many these days is that there must be an app that can be downloaded onto a device to help to address it.

Some drivers may already be aware of apps that are designed to improve how someone behind the wheel of a car drives. Parents of new teen drivers may be particularly interested in them as a tool that could possibly reduce the number of car accidents their children are involved in.

One app available for iPhones, at a low cost, provides a framework these new drivers can follow to set goals regarding taking on more risky driving situations, and a way to track how the driver is doing as he or she works toward those goals. Other apps focus on more immediate driving habits. For example, they make it impossible for a driver to text or surf the internet while driving. Still others monitor the behavior of a driver, such as speeding, and provide that information to a third party (such as a parent) in real-time.

The idea behind these apps, as well as other gadgets available for purchase that monitor similar things, is that it will help improve the quality of driving occurring on roads. In theory, this would then lead to a reduction in the number of car accidents that occur. Most would likely agree that drivers of all ages could benefit from these.

Source: USA Today, "Honk if you love apps that protect teen drivers," Larry Copeland, April 8, 2013

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