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Injured Ohio man settles medical malpractice suit

Patients who are under the care and supervision of a hospital and medical staff typically believe they are in good hands. While in the majority of cases this may be true, in some cases hospitals, doctors and medical staff are negligent in failing to provide sufficient care.

An Ohio man recently agreed to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit he filed against the University of Toledo Medical Center. The man filed the lawsuit after receiving medical care at the facility in August of 2011. According to the lawsuit, the man asserts that doctors and hospital staff were negligent in failing to properly monitor his physical condition and vital signs.

The man underwent a CT scan while in the care of medical staff at UTCM and claims the results of this scan were not reported to his attending physician. As a result, the man says he suffered serious and permanent disability associated with an undiagnosed and untreated traumatic brain injury. He suffered physical harm that resulted in a permanent loss of motor function as well as partial loss of vision in both eyes.

He filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital citing negligence in providing adequate and appropriate monitoring and medical care. The hospital recently offered to settle the lawsuit for nearly $500,000, a settlement to which the man agreed.

As is often the case, the hospital named in this lawsuit denied any wrongdoing. While the man wasn't able to receive a formal apology, he will benefit from monies awarded which can help cover medical expenses as well as lost wages.

Source: Toledo Blade, "UTMC agrees to pay $499,900 to settle lawsuit," March 2, 2013

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