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Venue changed in lawsuit involving antique tractor pull

Individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania have different hobbies and ways they like to pass the time. Some like to participate in sports. Others go to movies or plays. For one Pennsylvania man antique tractors fulfill that need. For this reason, the man attended a tractor pull in June 2010. Because he knew the promoter of the event, while there, he was able to gain access to the area reserved for where the tractors compete.

As the now 56-year-old man stood there talking, something happened which caused a nearby tractor move forward, pushing him to the ground. It then continued on, crushing his legs. As a result of the injuries the man suffered that day he had to undergo surgery and spent time in a hospital recovering. He reportedly continues to experience pain as a result of the incident and the quality of his life has been diminished.

Along with his wife, the man filed a lawsuit against the event promoter. In it, he asserts that it was up to the promoter to keep attendees such as himself, safe and free from harm. They are seeking damages to compensate for the injuries suffered.

The case was filed a year ago and was just recently ordered to be changed to a different venue for trial. As this illustrates cases such as this one are complicated and are generally not resolved quickly. When successful however, the monetary compensation is often beneficial to the injured party whose life may have been altered forever.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "Change of venue ordered in tractor pull injury suit," Paul Pierce, Feb. 20, 2013

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