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Pittsburgh area parents could be affected by stroller recall

Parent s of young children may be aware of the popularity of Bugaboo strollers. Upon learning that they are going to have a child, parents throughout the nation add the strollers to their baby registry or purchase the stroller themselves. Pittsburgh is one of the places in which this is likely happening.

These parents will likely be interested to know that certain Bugaboo strollers have recently been recalled. The models included are "Cameleon" and "Donkey". The reason for the recall is the possibility that the handle can come off of the stroller. Thus far the company has been alerted to this happening 58 times. The fear is that the children riding in the stroller could either fall or choke. Fortunately it does not appear that any children have been hurt due to the issue with the stroller.

The recall affects approximately 46,300 strollers in the United States and was done voluntarily by the business along with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumers purchased the strollers, which cost between $980 and $1,600, starting in the beginning of 2011. They were taken off the market just last month.

Anytime a consumer purchases a product it is expected that the product will not inflict an injury on the person using it. When however it does happen, the outcome can be devastating.

How does one really recover from a serious injury due to a dangerous or defective product? Nothing can be done to undo harm like this. A products liability lawsuit sometimes provides the cushion necessary to make the physical and mental recovery a bit easier.

Bugaboo is offering replacement handles. Until the handles are replaced all are being instructed to not use the strollers.

Source: Fox News, "Bugaboo recalls more than 50,000 strollers over falling, choking risks," Associated Press, Jan. 16, 2013

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