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Crash on Route 168 sends girl to hospital

It is always upsetting to hear that someone has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. This is particularly true when the person who is hurt is a child. Unfortunately the family of an 11-year-old Pittsburgh area girl is currently dealing with this.

The girl, who was a passenger in a car, was injured when that vehicle was involved in a crash with another one, earlier this week. The collision took place on Route 168 in New Beaver.

According to bystanders the vehicle in which the girl was riding was going to turn onto Route 168. The brakes apparently did not work however which resulted in the car entering Route 168, into the path of the other vehicle involved in the incident.

The injuries the girl suffered in the car accident were apparently serious. Following the incident she did not appear to be conscious and was taken to a hospital by a medical helicopter. The nature and extent of her injuries are not known.

Injuries suffered in a car accident can be serious. Broken bones and fractures are just the tip of the iceberg. When the injuries are to a victim's brain rehabilitation can take a long time and may not completely heal. Spinal injuries could result in paralysis.

While it is unquestionably tragic that the girl is dealing with the apparent serious injuries she is, things could have been much worse. It appears that the child was the only one who was hurt in the crash.

All are likely hoping that the injuries suffered by the young girl are not catastrophic and that she makes a full and swift recovery.

Source: New Castle News, "Girl flown to Pittsburgh after two-vehicle crash," Jan. 15, 2013

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