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Man dies after car collides with dump truck on Route 30

It is probably fair to say that most residents of the Pittsburgh area would likely prefer to never face the prospect of being in a motor vehicle accident. Despite this desire, they nonetheless occur all too frequently throughout the nation. When they do happen, those involving trucks are often the worst.

One such truck accident occurred earlier this month on Route 30. The two vehicles involved in this morning incident were a car and a tri-axle dump truck. Sadly the driver of the much smaller car died in the collision.

According to the man who was behind the wheel of the dump truck the collision occurred as he was driving his truck down Route 30. When the truck came upon the intersection with Possum Hollow Road, the car reportedly entered the intersection, crossing into the path of the truck. The truck driver indicated that the place in which the car struck his vehicle made it impossible for him to stop or otherwise direct the truck.

Upon impact, the 22-year-old man driving the car was thrown from it. The truck also burst into flames which then spread over to the car as well.

The force of the impact as well as the blunt forced injuries the young man suffered when he landed was cited by the coroner as the reason for his death. Sadly the man leaves behind a pregnant fiancé.

As is the case with all fatal motor vehicle accidents an investigation will likely be conducted into the matter. While at first glance the incident seems to be the fault of actions the deceased man took, the investigation should determine whether or not that is actually the case.

Source: KDKA, "1 Dead In Westmoreland Co. Crash," Trina Orlando, Dec. 20, 2012

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