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Workers injured in accident at Pennsylvania brewery

In cities throughout the nation, residents enjoy Samuel Adams beer. The beverage is brewed in several breweries throughout the east coast. One of those breweries is located in Pennsylvania and earlier this month an injury inducing accident occurred there. Two were hurt in the work accident.

The incident apparently occurred in the boiler room of the facility. One worker was reportedly struck in the head and the other's eyes were irritated by either steam or smoke. It is not clear what caused the accident to occur but fortunately, neither was hurt seriously enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

Immediately following the episode, work at the brewery was stopped and workers were instructed to gather in the parking lot. At that time an investigation was commenced into what happened.

While it is fortunate that neither was seriously hurt in the incident, had injuries been worse, the workers would likely be eligible to seek workers' compensation benefits.

Because so many people in the state of Pennsylvania spend so much of their time at their job, it is important that benefits like this are available. This is particularly true when it is the main family breadwinner who is hurt and unable to work. In these situations where a person is unable to work and medical bills are growing, it can be difficult to make ends meet.

Required for most employers to carry, the available benefits vary depending on the type of injury and length of recovery. When a worker suffers permanent injuries that are serious, benefits may be longer-term or a lump sum.

Source: Boston Globe, "2 workers injured in Pa. brewery boiler mishap," The Associated Press, Oct. 18, 2012

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