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Union Township motorcycle accident results in injury

A motorcyclist, traveling on West State Street at Wilson Road collided with an SUV. The motorcyclist tried to stop, leaving 120 feet of skid marks, as he tried to avoid striking the vehicle. The 62-year old SUV driver told police that he looked both ways before making a west turn from Wilson Drive.

The New Castle News report added that the driver saw one headlight as he entered the eastbound lane, but had no idea where the motorcycle came from. Motorcycle accidents after dark often involve driver confusion. This crash happened just before 8 PM in November, long after sunset.

Fortunately, this motorcycle accident did not result in a fatality, as they often do. The 20-year old rider, however, did suffer a severely broken leg. The motorcyclist was transported to St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown. He was scheduled to have surgery on his serious injury, as his leg was broken in at least two places.

The SUV driver suffered no verifiable injuries and he was able to drive the vehicle from the scene. However, while skidding in his attempt to avoid the collision, the cyclist's helmet struck a side window of the SUV, breaking the glass. The Union Township police have not as yet filed any charges against either accident participant.

To date, the medical center has not issued an update on the motorcyclist's condition after surgery. There is no indication of excessive speed, negligence or other issues. The accident may have been an unfortunate miscalculation by both the motorcyclist and the SUV driver.

Do you have any suggestions for vehicle drivers and motorcyclists to increase safety on the roadways after dark? Should drivers assume when they see one headlight that a motorcycle is approaching? Would that help drivers avoid some motorcycle and car collisions?

Source: New Castle News, "Motorcyclist injured in crash," Nov. 9, 2012

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