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Pennsylvania mines receive safety award

Regular readers of this blog are likely aware that most of the topics written about focus on workers being hurt while completing a task that is a part of their job. While work related injuries do of course occur all too frequently in the state of Pennsylvania, there are employers who are taking the steps necessary to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Recently, it was revealed that two Pennsylvania coal mines have accomplished a great feat. Consol Energy's Bailey and Enlow Fork mines surpassed a total of 1 million exposure hours without having any injuries that needed to be recorded. Considering the potential dangers associated with mining this is something to be celebrated. As a result of the accomplishment, the business will receive a safety award, known as the J. Brett Harvey Award.

There are several things that are being pointed to as reasons for the success. In addition to behaviors focused on promoting safety on the part of the mines' 724 employees, certain safety technologies were employed. These technologies, including personal dust monitors, proximity detection and through-the-earth voice and data communications were recently demonstrated to the assistant secretary of the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Residents of Pennsylvania are likely aware of just how devastating mining accidents can be. In addition to producing catastrophic results, they also often affect numerous individuals at once. When a miner is injured while working, as is the case with other occupations, workers' compensation benefits are potentially available. While it is wonderful that none of the workers at either of these Pennsylvania mines have had to seek these benefits since this past February all are likely reassured that they are there.

Source: Herald Standard, "MSHA official visits Bailey, Enlow Fork mines," Oct. 24, 2012

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