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Active Ohio resident killed in boating accident

Tragically, an active Ohio resident was one of two boaters recently killed in a boating accident that took place in the last couple of weeks. Based on reports, it appears that the duo was enjoying a fishing trip at the opening of this month when their boat crashed into a rock wall in Canada.

Beyond the nature of the accident, few details have been issued regarding whether there was any negligence on behalf of any third parties, or if this was just a misfortunate happening. Reportedly, the Ohio native was at one point in time the Chief of Ohio's rail commission. Additionally, the victim served as a city mayor for a small town near Toledo, Ohio.

While summer means the kids are home, the weather is nice and relaxation may be in order, all Ohio residents need to remember to remain cognizant not only of summer safety on the waterways, but to remain cognizant of their rights surrounding an accident as well. This includes boating accidents.

If a victim is inured on a boat due to the driver's negligence or a third party's negligence on the water, compensation could be in order. Compensation in the wake of boating accident or death can work toward covering medical bills and lost wages, as well as allow the victim to recoup for pain and suffering.

It is truly tragic that this great member of our state and his boating companion lost their lives. Hopefully, in the coming weeks more information surrounding their untimely deaths will be issued to shed some light on this tragedy.

Source: Lancaster Eagle Gazette, "Ohio politician among 2 killed in boat crash," June 5, 2012

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