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Meth lab causes fire at Ohio nursing home

As the population in the country ages, more and more people throughout the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio find themselves living in nursing homes at the end of their lives. Other people stay at them while they are recovering from serious medical issues. Whatever the reason for being there, there is a certain level of treatment that is expected.

Usually, the issues that people try to keep at bay are medical negligence matters similar to those people deal with in other healthcare settings such as hospitals. Common problems include improper dosages of medicine, failing to properly diagnose conditions and falls. It is fair to say that most residents of nursing homes or their loved ones do not spend a lot of time worrying about meth labs being housed at the locations where they live.

Last weekend, an explosion occurred at a nursing home in Ohio as a result of a meth lab that was at the site. A fire then broke out. The explosion sent six injured people to the hospital. Sadly, one of those people died. According to reports, one of the people who was hurt was a nurse who was pregnant. Despite her injuries, she apparently assisted in helping some residents get out of the building.

Reports indicate that around 40 people were residing at the nursing home when the explosion and the ensuing fire occurred. The existence of a meth lab was surprising to the rescue crews that responded to the call for help.

In situations such as these it is highly likely that nursing home residents or their loved ones will file a civil lawsuit to seek financial compensation for their injuries or losses.

Source: USA Today, "One dead after meth lab explodes at nursing home," Douglas Stanglin, March 6, 2012

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