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Cat with rabies attacks Pennsylvania woman

After the incident, the woman trapped the cat and transported it to the SPCA. There, the animal was put to sleep and tested for rabies. The test came back positive.

The woman may have been lulled into a false sense of security since the cat was wearing a collar at the time it attacked her. Despite the collar, which would presumably indicate the animal was at least at some point owned by someone, there was nothing identifying to whom the cat belonged.

Aside from possibly being infected with rabies, the extent of the injuries the woman sustained as a result of the bite is unknown. As is the case when anyone is bitten by a rabid animal, the woman will likely have to undergo a series of shots for rabies.

Often when one hears about an animal biting a person it is a dog that has attacked someone. This incident serves as a reminder that all animals can potentially be dangerous even without being provoked.

Source: The Evening Sun, "Gardners Woman Bit by Rabid Cat," Associated Press, March 8, 2012

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