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Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. set to be one Grove City YMCA new expansion’s chief donors

Eighteen months ago, concerned citizens of the region and YMCA administrators set out to increase awareness of the new upgrades that were essential for the Grove City YMCA. As a result of the Capital Campaign conversations surrounding the incredible outreach and impact they have anticipated, over $1.6 million in pledges has been made. More than $600,000 of which was contributed by the current and former YMCA board members and current YMCA staff have pledged nearly $105,000.

In addition, Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. has become a main contributor and is the key sponsor of the "Program Arena," the Grove City YMCA's newest multipurpose sports facility. In addition, Grove City College, along with six other Charter Donors, have pledged to them reach their goal. 

Slippery Rock University has also partnered with the YMCA for the "Classrooms to Community" program. The Adapted Physical Activity Program for the Center on Disability and Health Coordinator at SRU is the brainchild of this program which will allow various schools of study at Slippery Rock to be learned and applied, on site, at the YMCA.

The Capital Campaign Chairperson had these kind words for Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. and the other various groups that have generously donated to the cause:

"You have pledged your support to the "It's Time to Grow" campaign because you understand the current and future impact the YMCA has in our community. Thank you. You obviously want the campaign to be successful for a greater cause. The cause is great, the importance is urgent so may I ask you, "Who else needs to hear about the goals and plans of the Grove City YMCA? Who do know that can help your dream come true? Who needs to see and hear about this incredible opportunity for our community?"

With the help of magnates like Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. and others in the community, the "It's Time to Grow" campaign will continue to be a resounding success.

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