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Dallas Helps... Adrienne's Army

Thursday, February 21, New Castle News Article - Attorney, 'Army' aid breast cancer victim

About Adrienne's Army

Our friend, Adrienne Litman Toth, was diagnosed with Stage Two Breast Cancer on October 2, 2012. For those of you that have the pleasure of calling Adrienne your friend or family member, you know the big-hearted, compassionate, caring person that she is. You have had the opportunity to admire the fun, loving and generous heart she has. You know the deep love she has for her family. And you know her determination, her strength and her will to fight.

Adrienne is originally from Brookfield, OH and now resides with her husband, Dean, in the Sharon, PA area. Adrienne and Dean recently celebrated one year of marriage and are expecting their first child in May 2013.

Adrienne's Army is a non-profit organization designed and intended to support Adrienne and her husband, Dean, with their out-of-pocket expenses and financial hardship related to the treatment of this diagnosis. Adrienne has chosen an aggressive course of treatment and has begun the fight.

YOU ARE Adrienne's Army. You are a group of friends, family and even strangers that has banded together to stand behind Adrienne when she needs you most. As Adrienne's Army, we will guarantee that Adrienne is not in this fight alone - we will march beside her into battle.

This means WAR, CANCER!!!!