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Fungal Meningitis

U.S. meningitis outbreak claims four more lives

U.S. health officials have announced that there are four more deaths in the cases related to the meningitis outbreak. There have been cases reported of rare fungal meningitis that is linked to contaminated steroids of methylprednisolone acetate steroid. Patients received...
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Meningitis Outbreak Deaths Rise to 19

The fungal meningitis outbreak has reached 15 states, including 247 people and killed 19. All patients received injected steroids for back pain that were contaminated by a fungus. They developed fungal meningitis soon after getting the injection some even developed...
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Altoona meningitis case first in state

At Allegheny Pain Clinic in Altoona, PA, a patient was given an injection of a steroid, methylprednisolone acetate, for back pain. They later developed symptoms of fungal meningitis, which is being linked to fungus in vials distributed from New England...
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Patient in Altoona Clinic Linked to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak

A patient with an undiagnosed illness was linked to having rare fungal meningitis. The patient was seen at an Altoona pain clinic and received an injected epidural steroid for back pain prior to getting the serious illness. Fungal meningitis is...
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Fungal Meningitis Linked to Altoona Clinic

The first case of fungal meningitis in Altoona, PA was recently reported. The fungal meningitis is being linked to contaminated steroids that were distributed out of Massachusetts at a compounding pharmacy. The New England Compounding Company is responsible for the...
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Pa. Reports First Meningitis Outbreak In Altoona

Officials in Pennsylvania have identified the first case of fungal meningitis in the state. A patient in Altoona received an injection of steroids at a pain clinic for back pain and later developed symptoms of meningitis. The meningitis is being...
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Meningitis Outbreak: 2 More Drugs Probed

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the New England Compounding Company, who is responsible for distributing the contaminated steroids linked to the fungal meningitis outbreak. They believe that maybe two drugs are connected to the outbreak, the steroids methylprednisolone...
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Fungal Meningitis Linked to Steroid Injection Reported in Altoona

The first case of fungal meningitis linked to the national outbreak was reported in Pennsylvania yesterday.  The outbreak is believed to have started from contaminated steriod produced by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass.Earlier in the month it...
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Meningitis Outbreak Toll Rises: 170 cases, 14 deaths

The amount of cases reported of fungal meningitis has risen for the fifth consecutive day. Since the Centers for Disease and Prevention released the number of cases and deaths it has done nothing but increase. 13 people have died: six...
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2nd Meningitis Case in NJ Linked to Outbreak

Another case in the fungal meningitis outbreak has been confirmed in Cumberland County, New Jersey. The meningitis is being linked to an injected steroid which was contaminated by a fungus. Patients were receiving epidural injected steroids for back pain. Symptoms...
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First N.J. Case as Meningitis Outbreak Reaches 119

A 70-year-old patient from Cumberland County now is suffering from fungal meningitis, linked to contaminated steroid injections. They believe at least 13,000 people received the contaminated injections. Fungal meningitis cannot be spread person to person and eventually affects the spinal...
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