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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Can wearable technology increase worker safety?

You may already use wearable technology to keep track of your daily health and fitness goals. But now employers may be eyeing the technology to help monitor their workers to prevent injuries, and therefore avoid potential workers' compensation claims. The  put...
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Dallas Hartman provides funds to create Lawrence County Mentoring Program

In January of 2016, Attorney Dallas W. Hartman approached Westminster College with a large donation and the idea of starting a mentoring program to support New Castle High School Students. Last evening, a dinner was held at Westminster College to...
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Enjoying a late summer drive? Get your feet off the dashboard.

The last days of summer are a golden time. Going for a drive to the beach or down a long country road can inspire a certain looseness and relaxation. Passengers may be tempted to rest their feet on the dashboard,...
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Can you file a workers’ comp clam for a food allergy?

Workers injured on the job can file claims after being injured in various ways: falls, explosions, amputations and caught-in-between accidents being some of the more common, at least on construction sites. But what if you work in an office where...
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Insurers look to exclude sports-related concussions

Athletes considering suing over a brain injury sustained in a contact sport may want to do so sooner rather than later. That's because insurers, spooked by the increase in litigation over sports-related head injuries, may be moving to make exclusions...
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Are you a road rager?

If so, you're not alone. According to a recent report on aggressive driving put out by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, taken from a survey of 2,705 licensed drivers in 2014, 78% of drivers had engaged in some sort...
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