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Pittsburgh construction boom means more construction injuries

It's that time of the year: the summer sun is shining and the air is filled with the sounds of baseball games, family picnics, children playing and the bangs and booms of busy construction sites.

The website says construction activity is "up significantly" this year in metropolitan Pittsburgh. Commercial construction projects are up 24.3 percent and residential construction is up 31 percent over last year. While that is good economic news, it also reminds us that construction is a dangerous business in which too many firms try to misclassify workers so that they can avoid paying for Pennsylvania workers' compensation, unemployment insurance and other benefits.

Will bigger rigs roll over Pennsylvania and Ohio?

The biggest vehicles rolling on Pennsylvania and Ohio highways are tractor-trailers. The behemoths could get significantly bigger if Congress has its way. The U.S. House of Representatives has already passed a measure and sent it on to the Senate that would enable trucking companies to roll 85-foot double tractor-trailers across America.

The giant new trucks would be 17 feet longer than those currently allowed on Pennsylvania roads. Naturally, shipping companies are excited about the prospect, saying that the new big rigs would increase hauling capacity by 18 percent without increasing the number of trucks. FedEx claims that the gargantuan rigs would reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions -- and would be safer than the 18-wheelers now on our highways.

Slippery Rock car accident critically injures 3

A car accident in Slippery Rock Township near the intersection of Route 8 and Branchton Road has injured six total people. Three of the six injured are said to be critical. The accident occurred when a 19 year old man from Cranberry Township crossed through an intersection and hit a pickup truck being operated by a 55 year old Marion Township man.

Ikea dresser causes death of two children

An Ikea furniture store dresser, known as the MALM chest, has caused the death of two children in the United States this past year. Both children were killed in tip-over incidents. Tip-over incidents occur when a piece of furniture or an appliance is knocked over or falls over and lands on somebody.

PennDOT employee killed, four others injured in crash

Tragedy struck the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, workers and workers' families late last week. A PennDOT worker was killed and four other workers injured in a single-vehicle crash in a rural, northern part of the state, about 250 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

According to news reports, investigators have yet to pinpoint the cause of the crash. The 53-year-old driver apparently lost control of the state vehicle as it rounded a curve. It then struck a pole and guardrails before plunging down an embankment and overturning. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the wreck; the other four were hospitalized in Williamsport.

Laws that cannot be broken in truck accidents

When our legislators aren't reworking old laws that no longer function as intended, they are introducing new legislation to govern Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the United States. However, no one can change the laws of physics. When a large, heavy truck hits a much smaller, much lighter vehicle, the laws of physics are on the side of the truck.

We saw that truth illustrated recently in a violent collision involving a concrete truck that can weigh 30 tons or more, and a 1991 Mitsubishi GT 3000 that weighs a ton and a half. The driver of the concrete truck emerged from the wreckage with minor injuries. The 26-year-old driver of the Mitsubishi was killed in the crash.

Worker injured in Youngstown working on YSU Stadium

A workplace accident on the campus of Youngstown State University has injured one construction worker. The worker was working at Stambaugh Stadium in Youngstown, Ohio when he fell. The impact of the collision caused the construction worker to sustain head injuries. The construction worker was working on the bleachers of the stadium for a company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The injured man was walking between the rows of the concrete bleachers near the top of the stadium when he fell and was subsequently injured. He was transported by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown.

Armstrong County gas line explosion causes a workplace injury

A workplace accident in Worthington, Pennsylvania has caused a workplace injury to one male worker. At an Armstrong County, Pennsylvania compression station, a worker was operating a backhoe. While operating the backhoe, the worker accidentally collided with a high pressure gas line near West Franklin Township. The collision caused an explosion.

Two separate Ohio motor vehicle accidents cause a casualty and injuries

A car accident in Johnson Township, Ohio involving two vehicles has killed one man. Also, a car and motorcycle accident in Jackson Township, Ohio has seriously injured four people.

Central Pennsylvania truck and Amish buggy collision kills two

A Tylersville, Pennsylvania UPS truck accident has caused the death of an Amish woman and an 8 year old boy. Four other individuals were also seriously injured as a result of this truck accident. In Clinton County, Pennsylvania, a UPS truck was traveling east when it veered into the path of a horse and buggy carrying a group of Amish.