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On-the-job hearing loss could lead to workers' comp benefits

As we have mentioned in the past, some jobs are more dangerous than others. Not all of the dangers that workers in the state of Pennsylvania face are the result of an accident of some sort. Some are the result of exposure to certain things over a period of time. One of the things that could be dangerous in large doses is loud noise. Recognizing this is an issue that some workers face, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has created recommendations that could help to minimize noise-induced hearing loss that occurs at work. 

Somerset County ATV accident kills 4 year old girl

An ATV accident on October 28 killed a four year old girl from Somerset County. In Summit Township, Pennsylvania, a four year old was thrown from an ATV as her 14 year old cousin was driving the four-wheeler. The driver lost control near a railroad crossing on Scratch Hill Road causing the ATV to roll over. Three other passengers were also injured in the accident, a three and nine year old girl as well as a one year old boy. None of the children were wearing helmets.

Twelve people injured in Ohio pedestrian accident

An unusual pedestrian accident took place in Northeast Ohio on October 23, 2014. Twelve people were injured, three of which seriously injured, when a stolen truck was crashed into the Dover Gardens Tavern in Westlake, Ohio. Two 26 year old men stole the truck and were being pursued by police as they drove 75miles per hour through a residential zone with a speed limit of 35 miles per hour before they crashed through the patio of the tavern and pinned multiple people behind the bar. The drivers of the stolen truck lost control after they drove over stop sticks police placed on the road. Stop sticks are tire deflation devices that police use to deflate the tires of vehicles they are pursuing.

ATV accident causes injuries to two Neshannock residents

An ATV accident in Neshannock Township has caused two New Castle, Pennsylvania people to be taken by helicopter to Pittsburgh area hospitals. A nine year old passenger and the 32 year old driver of the ATV were both injured as they drove through a pile of leaves and collided with a tree. The nine year old was taken to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and the adult driver was taken to UPMC-Presbyterian in Pittsburgh.

OSHA rules designed to protect health care workers from Ebola

While the Ebola virus has had the attention of some for several months, its arrival in the United States has brought it to the attention of many for whom the virus was once unknown. It has also placed health care workers in a position to care for those who are diagnosed with it. As readers are likely aware, two nurses who cared for the first person to be diagnosed with the virus in the U.S., were diagnosed with the Ebola several days after that patient died. While both nurses are now said to be free of the virus, they have spent time away from work recovering from the illness and it is unclear when they will return to their jobs.

Dallas W. Hartman employees participate in Habitat for Humanity

This past Saturday, through their Dallas Helps program, Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. employees gave back to the community by participating in Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, Christian organization that builds and repairs houses all over the world for families in need by utilizing donations and volunteer work.

Ways to reduce truck accidents

Residents of the state of Pennsylvania take to roads throughout the state each and every day, it is important that they are kept as safe as possible. Every driver can take steps to make this a reality, including drivers of heavy trucks. There are multiple reasons why the presence of these trucks on Pittsburgh area roads can be so dangerous for other drivers.

The first is that their size often makes it difficult for other drivers to correctly estimate how fast the truck is travelling. It may be travelling faster than what first appears. Accordingly, it is important that other drivers take steps to stay safe. These include making sure there is sufficient room between their vehicle and a truck.

Compensation for pedestrians hit by buses

A pedestrian accident involving a New Castle, PA man and a New Castle Transit bus occurred Monday, October 13. The New Castle man was hit by a bus on Garfield Avenue and is said to be in critical condition after suffering head injuries. From the accident scene, he was flown to St. Elizabeth's Health Center in Youngstown, Ohio to receive treatment.  

Medical Malpractice in Ebola Outbreak Connected to Eastern Ohio

Medical Malpractice has led to two hospital workers of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas contracting the Ebola virus. "Sloppy" Ebola protocol has led to over 40 healthcare workers potentially being exposed to the virus. The hospital staff did not wear the proper protective equipment while treating the patient with Ebola. Malpractice was committed because the hospital should have had protocol set up to both quarantine the patient and require hospital staff to wear personal protective equipment.

Inspection of safety gear important in keeping workers safe

As we have written about in previous posts, falls are a major issue in workplaces throughout the country. Incidents such as these often occur on construction sites and involve construction workers. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding a fall, the outcome can be serious. The use of fall protection equipment can be beneficial in reducing these incidents. To make sure that the equipment works as intended, it is important to properly maintain it.

There are a variety of fall protection devices available that may be used on a construction site, including self-retracting lifelines, lanyards and harnesses and body belts. The safety checks necessary vary from system to system.