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New Castle man's workers' compensation case

Workers' compensation claims often have underlying third party personal injury cases. The law office of Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. has recently settled the underlying personal injury claim for a New Castle, Pennsylvania man that was injured while working. In these complex cases that involve both a workers' compensation claim and a third party personal injury case, it is critical to have proper representation by a lawyer to ensure that you are appropriately compensated.

Pedestrian accident hospitalizes woman

A pedestrian accident occurred in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on Thursday evening. This Pennsylvania woman was on a jog, when a car struck her while she was crossing Montgomery Avenue. The car was stopped at a red-light heading westbound on Montgomery. As the light turned green the driver proceeded forward. The driver of the vehicle could see the jogger but was unable to stop in time to avoid striking her. The woman hit the front passenger side of the car.

Truck accident closes westbound lane of I-80

A truck accident between two tractor-trailers closed one of the westbound lanes of Interstate 80 last Wednesday. This accident happened in the early morning in Venango County, Pennsylvania. This incident in Emlenton, Pennsylvania occurred when one of the drivers swerved to avoid a deer. This caused the driver to lose control. The vehicle then flipped on its side taking up both lanes. The second driver then unavoidably collided with the overturned vehicle. The overturned vehicle was split in half from the collision.

Avoid car accidents this winter

Car accidents could be on the rise as the weather worsens and the roads become icier. Western Pennsylvania is expected to be covered in a light slushy layer of snow this week. In the Butler area, one inch is expected, but in the Beaver Falls area 1-2 inches are expected. The worst area could be the Interstate 80 corridor, which could be covered with 2-4 inches of snow. This could impact the areas of New Castle, Mercer, Grove City, Franklin and Oil City.

On-the-job brain injury kills man

A brain injury caused the death of a maintenance worker in Erie, Pennsylvania. This Erie County man worked at a northwestern Pennsylvania transit agency. He was repairing a bus when a part of the bus suspension burst. He suffered a severe brain injury and was being treated at Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania before he died.

Symptoms of TBI vary depending on specific injury

Traumatic brain injuries occur all too frequently in the United States. In the country annually, 1.7 million individuals suffer from this injury. In some cases--roughly 30 percent of the time--they are a contributing factor in deaths. There are many situations in which a TBI might occur, including car accidents.

There are two different types of TBI. The first is a closed head injury and the other is a penetrating or open head injury.

Report proposes ban on hands-free phones for commercial vehicle operators

Distracted driving, most readers know, is a major problem on our roadways. According to, over 3,300 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2011 and 2012, and an estimated 387,000 were injured in 2011. Distracted driving is a problem not only among ordinary motorists, but also among commercial vehicle operators.

Every so often, a headline pops up about a distracted trucker or bus driver who causes a major accident. Last year, just such an accident occurred out in Maryland when a truck driver failed to ensure a railroad crossing was clear before going through it. As a result, he crashed his vehicle into an oncoming train, causing it to derail and explode. 

Truck accident leaves three Amish passengers dead

A truck accident in York County, Pennsylvania, between a van and a cement truck, claimed three lives Monday. The three passengers were members of the Amish community and were being driven in a van, when the van pulled out in front of cement truck. The two male passengers died at the horrific scene in York County. The third victim was pregnant and the injuries suffered claimed her life and caused her child to be stillborn.

Defective product is the possible cause of tree stand collapse

A defective product may have been the cause of injury for a Pennsylvania hunter. A Penn Hills, Pennsylvania man fell from his tree stand causing serious injuries. This incident occurred late Tuesday afternoon near Dalecrest Road in Allegheny County. Details of what cause the man to fall from his tree stand is unknown currently, but the man was saved when the fallen man texted his friend. The text said that he was injured and fell from a height as high as 20 feet. The emergency responders had to make a half-mile trek to reach the victim and then had to carry the man up the hill back to safety.

Motorcycle accident claims 23-year-old in Somerset County

Saturday evening, a motorcycle accident occurred in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The accident happened as a 23-year-old man on his motorcycle was traveling down Main Street in Boswell, Pennsylvania. A driver of a pickup truck then pulled out from Hower Avenue into the path of the motorcycle, which caused the collision. The motorcyclist was thrown from his motorcycle due to the impact causing fatal injuries. According to authorities the pickup driver was "found to be intoxicated" and was taken into custody. Once blood test results are obtained, charges will be filed.