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Top 4 hazards in the construction industry

The construction industry is very dangerous. Roughly 20 percent of all work-related fatalities happened in the construction industry in 2013, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Construction workers in Pennsylvania should be aware of the dangers they face while working. Employers also need to be aware of the hazards so they can take steps to keep workers safe by reducing hazards and accidents in the industry.

Drunk driver injures Butler County police officer

An on duty Butler city police officer was injured by a drunk driver last Wednesday. On Whitestown Road in Butler Township, Pennsylvania, a Butler city police officer pulled over a Butler woman for speeding. He pulled her over on the left side of the road. While sitting in his car writing a citation, a Renfrew, Pennsylvania resident collided into the back of the Butler police officer's police SUV. The Renfrew man was 18 years old and smelled of alcohol and showed other signs of being impaired. He also failed field sobriety tests and a toxicology exam is pending.

Taking precautions can prevent back over accidents

With the arrival of warmer temperatures in the state of Pennsylvania road work will likely soon be picking up throughout the state. To accomplish the work that needs to be done, workers as well as large vehicles and pieced of equipment will be out on the roads. If proper care is not taken it is possible that someone could be seriously injured and even killed by that machinery.

The number of those incidents that occur as a result of human error could be reduced if those operating the machines follow safety protocol.

Westmoreland County limestone mine accident leaves 3 injured

A mine collapse at the Whitney Plant in Unity Township, Pennsylvania has injured three workers. All three workers were hurt when a massive ground fall of dirt and stone fell on them while they were in the entrance to a Westmoreland County underground mine. The mine where this incident occurred produces brick, block, and stone. The Mine and Safety Healthy Administration investigated the scene.

Support the Mark Kirkwood Foundation to help him beat cancer

In March of 2015, the Kirkwood family received terrible news. Mark Kirkwood was diagnosed with a rare form of Renal Cell Carcinoma. Mark Kirkwood is a pillar in the Lawrence County community. Now, the community has a chance to help return all the good he has done by assisting him on his long journey to beat cancer. To help, click the link here to the Mark Kirkwood Foundation funding page or copy and paste the following website into your browser:

Local family fighting for stricter laws against texting while driving

On May 7, 2013, disaster struck the Gallatin family from New Castle, Pennsylvania. On this day, Daniel Gallatin was tragically killed while riding his motorcycle by a woman that was texting while driving her SUV. The driver that killed Mr. Gallatin was sentenced to 23 months in jail and was released after 60 days.

Keep workers' hands safe!

For the average worker, their hands play a big role in completing the tasks associated with their job. Because of this it makes sense that employers would take steps to prevent hand injuries in the workplace. In this post we will provide some tips on what can be done in the workplace to accomplish this.

The first is to eliminate any hazards that could result in a hand injury. This may be accomplished with job controls or engineering. In some situations the hazardous piece of equipment might be removed. Other times it might be modified. In still other situations equipment that is outdated should be upgraded.

Pennsylvania car accident deaths reach all time low

Deaths related to car accidents, truck accidents, and all motor vehicle accidents, reached an all-time low in 2014. In 2014, car accidents resulted in 1,195 fatalities throughout Pennsylvania. This is the lowest number since record keeping of these statistics began in 1927.

Help local family modify their home for daughter

On August 14, 2014, Ciana Cahill was in a devastating motor vehicle accident that has left her permanently injured. On I-79 South near Neville Island, a semi-truck rolled over causing a 2 mile traffic backup. Ciana was forced to stop her vehicle in traffic as a result of the tractor-trailer rollover. After Ciana came to a stop, she was rear-ended by a Mercedes SUV. She was subsequently transported to Allegheny General Hospital in critical condition with a head injury.

April is distracted driving month

With the arrival of April many may think that spring has arrived. They should also be aware that April is Driving Awareness month. Accordingly, it is worthwhile for people to take a few minutes to thing about distracted driving and things they can do to prevent it.

Driving while engaging in a distracting activity is a problem for drivers of all ages throughout the nation, That said, a recent study shines a light on teens engaging in that activity. One of the distracted driving activities that gets a lot of attention is texting while driving.