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Win Steelers Tickets for Steelers vs Chiefs on Sunday Night and Help Bollinger Park

Want to win 2 tickets to the Steelers vs. Chiefs game this Sunday night at Heinz Field? For every dollar you donate to the Bollinger Park Revitalization project, you will get a chance to win (minimum donation $5). For example, if you donate $10 and get 10 chances to win!

Can self-driving cars ever truly be safe?

This week the Obama administration issued guidelines for automakers that are wading into the world of self-driving cars. While not prescribing technological limitations, the guidelines emphasize the essential importance of safety. 

In the still-early stages of the technology, however, there are still clear challenges to achieving such safety. In short, there are a number of things that self-driving cars cannot do: most notably, react well to surprises or make quick ethical decisions

Diabetes can complicate a workers' compensation claim

Recovery from a work injury is rarely simple. But for those workers who also have diabetes, it can prove particularly complicated. For injured workers with diabetes struggling to recover, effectively managing diabetes may be a key component of a successful recovery. 

That's because diabetes can interfere with the healing process in several ways. Persistently elevated blood sugar levels can encourage infection, prolong the healing process and extend recovery times. Some workers may not even know that they have diabetes at the time they become injured. 

Amputation leads to fines at chicken processing plant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) isn't playing chicken with fines for willful safety violations on the job. When a worker at Birdsboro Kosher Farms Corp. in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, lost a thumb while operating a mixer, OSHA decided to investigate. After making two citations for willful safety violations related to unexpected machinery start-up and eight citations for serious health and safety violations, OSHA fined the bird processing plant $314,477.

Birdsboro Kosher Farms had also been investigated in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and had faced previous citations. The company now has 15 days to pay the fine, request a meeting with OSHA or officially challenge the citation.

Skull surgery can save lives, but at what cost?

After a traumatic brain injury, the brain often swells within the skull, which can cause further damage if the swelling is not reduced. There are two ways that physicians can reduce the swelling in such a patient: with drugs, or with surgery. A Cambridge University study now shows that the surgery could prevent half of deaths following a traumatic brain injury. However, survival after the surgery could come at the cost of a reduced quality of life, which in some cases could be significant. 

The surgery is an old one which some might find barbaric, if it weren't for its efficacy. It involves simply removing a part of the skull to relieve the pressure on the brain. After the surgery, it can take months before the skull can be closed with a bone graft. 

Trucks may be required to slow down in the name of safety

The U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed that trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds be limited to a certain speed on the highway-- likely somewhere between 60 and 68 miles per hour. The proposal is intended to save lives and cut down on fuel costs by more than $1 billion each year. The proposal so far would pertain to new trucks; it is still unclear if it would eventually also apply to older trucks. 

Commercial drivers would not be let loose on an honor system, however; the proposal would require trucks to be outfitted with a special device that would not allow trucks to travel faster than a designated speed on the highway. 

Can wearable technology increase worker safety?

You may already use wearable technology to keep track of your daily health and fitness goals. But now employers may be eyeing the technology to help monitor their workers to prevent injuries, and therefore avoid potential workers' compensation claims. 

The  put out a report that detailed the ways in which wearable technology may be of use for employers looking to preserve worker health and reduce workers' compensation costs. According to a study by the Risk Management Society (RIMS), 76% of people would use a device if their doctor recommended it, and 68% if their insurer had recommended it. 

Dallas Hartman provides funds to create Lawrence County Mentoring Program

In January of 2016, Attorney Dallas W. Hartman approached Westminster College with a large donation and the idea of starting a mentoring program to support New Castle High School Students. Last evening, a dinner was held at Westminster College to kick off the program with the New Castle students and their parents.

Enjoying a late summer drive? Get your feet off the dashboard.

The last days of summer are a golden time. Going for a drive to the beach or down a long country road can inspire a certain looseness and relaxation. Passengers may be tempted to rest their feet on the dashboard, or even open a window and prop their feet out in the open air. While this posture would seem to be the picture of summer nonchalance, in fact it's a highly dangerous posture that could lead to severe injuries or even death. 

The problem here is airbags. Airbags are designed to protect drivers and passengers who are sitting upright with their feet on the floor. An airbag will not slow down and wait for you to move your legs in the event of an accident. It will deploy with all the speed and force with which it was designed. If your legs are in the way, what follows isn't pretty. 

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