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General Motors ignition switch death tolls rises

General Motors is reporting that they are responsible for at least twenty-three deaths and sixteen serious injuries for accidents that involved defective ignition switches. Ken Feinberg, the "compensation expert" hired by GM to figure out whose claims were acceptable updated the total and posted it on the internet on yesterday.

Feinberg told reporters that, since August, he has received at least 153 wrongful death claims and that only 23 of them are legitimate. The total last week was twenty-one. And of the at least 714 personal injury claims, only 16 people have received any type of compensation thus far.

As pedestrian accidents add up, another Pittsburgher is seriously injured

Pedestrian accidents in Pittsburgh have been in the news a lot of late. With the winter months approaching and the days getting shorter, it is important to pay close attention to your surroundings when driving. This is especially true in urban areas where parked cars, traffic lights, and many pedestrians can fill our roads and sidewalks. People who are injured in pedestrian accidents are usually seriously injured and many lose their lives. Accidents happen, of course, but by paying better attention to the road ahead and on each side, you can help prevent more of these pedestrian accidents from happening. 

Staying safe while using nail guns

The use of tools is an integral part of most construction workers' jobs. Depending on the specific type of construction they work in, those tools will vary. For builders, a nail gun is a necessity. It can also be dangerous however. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nail guns send approximately 37,000 individuals to emergency rooms annually.

Horse-drawn carriage accident causes several injuries

Horse-drawn buggy accident rates are down from previous years, which is a good thing in our area where they share the road with motor vehicles year round. But there are still instances where someone who isn't paying close enough attention to the road will have a collision with a horse-drawn buggy. While damage to your car is inevitable, it's important to remember that the buggies offer little to no protection and those who are riding in them can suffer serious damages as the result of an accident. But when the accident involves one horse-drawn buggy running into another horse-drawn buggy and other pedestrians, the results can devastate multiple families

Lawsuit filed against Jackson Specialty Steel for unlawful termination

The United State Department of Labor recently filed a civil suit against a North Jackson, Ohio manufacturer that it alleges illegally fired one of their workers because that person voiced his opinion about hazardous working conditions at its plant.

Filed in the Youngstown United States District Court, the claim alleges that overseers for North Jackson Specialty Steel violated several provisions put into place by OSHA in its Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970. That act made it unlawful to terminate the employment of or discriminate against a worker who filed complaints about unsafe working conditions. 

Ohio congressman injured in tractor accident

Tractor accidents in our region take place at a somewhat alarming rate. Because agriculture is still a major endeavor in western PA and eastern Ohio, it's no wonder these accidents take place more frequently than not, but that doesn't mean there aren't safety restrictions and devices that should be built into the component of tractor working systems to ensure the safety of its drivers.

This past Tuesday, an Ohio congressman was seriously injured during a tractor accident in Greenford, Ohio. According to reports from the man's wife, the victim was at his daughter's home in Greenford operating the tractor when the accident occurred. She said in a phone call that her husband remains in critical condition and is being treated at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, OH.

"Roadway" railroad workers look for better safety regulations

Working on and around railroads is a difficult and dangerous job. Although perhaps not as prominent a job as it once was in the minds of many Americans, the truth is that railroads still supply a major amount of natural resources all over the country, especially here in western Pennsylvania and the tri-state area. So then why are workers who bust their humps on and around the tracks not afforded the same safety standards as other railroad employees? 

Dallas Helps donates more than 38,000 water bottles to local schools

For the tenth year in a row, the Dallas Helps program at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. will be donating personalized bottles of water to local high schools. In total, Dallas will be donating more than 38,000 water bottles. Each school will receive 3456 bottles of water. Dallas believes that the participating schools can average more than a $5000 cost-free profit from water bottle sales.

The schools involved include: Union, Neshannock, New Castle, Lakeview, Hermitage, Wilmington, Laurel, Mohawk, Farrell, Shenango, and Ellwood City. The bottles will be sold at school events, such as football and soccer games and band events. At this point, all schools have either picked their pallets of water up from the Dallas W. Hartman, P.C. office building, or have had them delivered by a Dallas Helps staff member. 

Woman files suit after her son, an inmate, dies from negligence

Society is judged by the treatment of its most vulnerable citizens.

A man who was jailed for coming up $80 short on restitution costs for "supplying minors with alcohol" died in November of 2012 because prison medical staff did not provide him with the proper treatment. His mother is now filing a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the Butler County Jail warden, the jail's medical staff, Butler Memorial Hospital, Butler County, Butler County commissioners, and Wexford Health Sources Incorporated.

The victim, a 27-year-old man from Butler, was serving jail time for failing to pay the full amount of restitution for a summary offense he committed years earlier. His mother is claiming that the jail's medical staff failed to address her son's symptoms for at least five days before they sent him to Butler Memorial Hospital, where he eventually died. Reports show the man died after he was put under anesthesia as hospital staff were preparing him for surgery to remove a hindrance in his bowels.

Injured at work? Workers' compensation may be an option

If you are injured or become ill while doing your job your first concern is likely addressing your injuries. This makes sense and in some cases you may feel better or heal quickly. Other times however it is possible that the injury or illness could be more serious leaving you unable to work. Should this occur are you aware of your options?