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Butler County Car Accident Lawyer

Automobile accidents are so commonplace, that we often think of them as just a part of life. Almost all crashes, however, are due to someone’s negligence regarding their own safety and the safety of those with whom they share the road. When an injury results from an automobile accident, the effects can be devastating and life-changing for those injured in the wreck and for their families.

The Terrible Statistics

According to PennDot, there were over 1,800 accidents in Butler County in 2016, the year for which we have the most recent data. That amounts to an average of five accidents every day. Of those accidents, 652 resulted in an injury to at least one person involved and tragically, 28 people died in Butler County due to auto accidents. While these numbers have seen a steady decrease in recent years, the hundreds hurt in accidents still have to deal with the consequences.

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

The most common cause of an auto accident is speeding. While most people only think of driving over the posted speed limits, any speed that is too fast for conditions can cause an accident. Sadly, for many people, that driver’s excessive speed can lead to months, years, or a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Despite efforts in recent years to educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving, and to pass laws against talking or texting on a phone while driving, many accidents still occur because the driver decided not to focus on the road and caused an accident. It is a bitter pill for an injured person to swallow when they learn that their injury may not have happened if the other driver had merely paid more attention to the road and less to their phone or radio.

Drunk driving continues to be a menace to our streets and safety. The attorneys of Dallas W. Hartman P.C. believe that no one should have to suffer for someone’s decision to drink and drive. We will fight to see that you get the maximum compensation possible to for any case that involves negligence.

Why Do I Need a Butler County Car Accident Lawyer?

Our attorneys focus on personal injury law because we believe you deserve someone to represent you who has the experience to get you the compensation you need. It is a point of pride that our Butler car accident attorneys have the most experience in the type of law you need after an injury. We believe that our neighbors in Butler County should have the best possible representation and should have attorneys ready to fight to see that they get the best possible settlement.

Should your case require going to trial, our attorneys will be prepared from day one to see that your case is ready. Where some lawyers seem content to accept a quick settlement offer and move on to the next case, we won’t rest until we have achieved the best outcome for your case.

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