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Erie Workers Compensation Lawyer

Erie, Pennsylvania, was a maritime center after the American Revolution. It later transitioned into a railroad station and important manufacturing center. Today, Erie is a bustling city with smaller-scale manufacturing companies amidst a diverse mix of other industries. The top employers in Erie are the government, manufacturers, medical services, insurance, retail, and public utilities. When a worker gets injured in Erie, he or she can seek financial help through the state’s workers’ compensation program. If workers run into problems with the system, they can come to Dallas W. Hartman P.C. for legal assistance.

About the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation System

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires every business in Pennsylvania to carry workers’ compensation insurance in the event of an accident. Workers’ compensation will provide compensation for all accident-related medical expenses. If the accident results in an employee being unable to work, workers’ compensation will also give benefits to cover disability costs until the employee can return to work. Almost all workers in Erie qualify for benefits through workers’ compensation. The workers’ compensation program covers all work-related injuries, illnesses, conditions, and diseases, unless intentionally self-inflicted or caused by the injured employee’s unlawful act.

To receive workers’ compensation benefits after an accident, an injured employee must first report the incident to his or her employer. There are time limits to make this initial report, so employees should do so as soon as possible. Describe what happened in detail, giving the date and location of the accident as well as the names of any witnesses. Your employer must then report your accident to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation by filing the official form. If your employer denies your claim, you have the right to file a petition with the Bureau for a hearing.

If the Bureau accepts your workers’ compensation claim, you will receive benefit checks within 21 days of at least a seven-day absence from work. If you miss work for 14 days because of an injury, you will receive payment for the first seven days. Regular payments may come to those with disabilities at weekly, biweekly, or monthly intervals. Payments can include two-thirds of average weekly lost wages, as well as compensation for all medical expenses. Payments will continue until a doctor clears you to return to work.

Workers’ Compensation Bad Faith Attorneys in Erie

The advantage of the workers’ compensation program is that injured employees don’t have to prove anyone’s negligence to qualify for benefits. They simply must show the injury occurred while performing work-related tasks. Sometimes, workers’ compensation claims are not as seamless as they should be. There are cases in which an insurance company wrongly denies or delays claim approval. If your employer’s workers’ compensation company denied your claim for some reason, call Dallas W. Hartman P.C. today.

Denied claims may stem from missed deadlines, improperly filed claims, inadequate proof of injury, or insurance bad faith dealings. Whatever the case, our lawyers can review your claim and help you argue for maximum compensation. We understand the workers’ compensation process in Erie, and we know how to fight for what a worker deserves no matter the injury or industry. Let us help you get the most out of your claim. Call (800) 777-4081 or go online for a consultation today.

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