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Erie, Pennsylvania, was a major manufacturing city after the Industrial Revolution. It was an important hub for shipbuilding, commerce, cargo, and travel. Although the manufacturing industry in Erie is not as large as it once was, it remains a prominent player in the local economy. Today, a variety of other industries employ workers in Erie, such as tourism and retail, technology, higher education, and health care.

Accidents happen in every industry. Falls from ladders, transportation accidents, crush injuries, poisoning, and repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel can plague any workplace. Almost all serious workplace accidents are avoidable. When negligence plays a role in workplace accidents, injured workers may have means of compensation outside the workers’ compensation system. Come to Dallas W. Hartman P.C. for legal counsel about a civil work injury claim.

Workers’ Compensation vs. a Civil Claim in Erie

The workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania works in the form of an exchange. A workers’ compensation insurance company will deliver benefits to an injured worker regardless of the cause of the accident, in exchange for the employee’s ability to sue the employer. In many cases, this is a good arrangement for the employee. He or she does not bear the burden to prove the employer’s negligence to qualify for compensation. Sometimes, though, reserving the right to sue is a better choice for an injured worker.

If an employer’s negligence caused or contributed to a workplace accident, those injured should seriously consider bringing a personal injury claim against the employer instead of filing for workers’ compensation. A negligence-based PI claim could result in greater compensation than workers’ compensation. While workers’ compensation only delivers benefits for two-thirds of lost wages, medical bills, and disability costs, a successful PI claim could result in compensation for total lost wages and lost capacity to earn, medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, and other losses.

You will have to prove negligence to have a successful claim against your employer, but this can be much easier with help from our Erie attorneys. We will investigate your recent work accident, talk to eyewitnesses, and hire experts if necessary to help prove your claim in front of a judge or jury. If your accident involved a hazardous property condition, dangerous chemical, lack of employee training or protective gear, reckless coworker, or defective product, you could have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against your employer and/or another party.

Pursuing Compensation from Both Sources

It is possible to request damages from the workers’ compensation program and the civil system, as long as your employer isn’t the entity you’re trying to sue for negligence. When you accept workers’ compensation benefits, you give up your right to sue your employer. You retain your right to sue other parties, such as a coworker, product manufacturer, property owner, or the government. If the party at fault for your accident isn’t your employer, think about seeking benefits from both sources.

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