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Fatal Erie County motorcycle crashes drop

It's never a good thing when the coroner is busy. In 2010, the Erie County coroner was very busy with motorcycle accident victims. Fifteen of them died that year.

This year has so far been much better — though still imperfect — with two motorcycle crash fatalities in Erie County.


Some observers say a rainy June helped keep motorcycle accidents unusually low. reports that others believe motorists are more aware of motorcyclists than in the past, while still others believe that motorcycle accidents are down because the economy still struggles. The theory is that motorcycle sales drop in slow economies and that decreased sales lead to a decrease in crashes.

However, earlier this year, reported that motorcycle sales were up this year through the month of June. So that theory is, like the others, open to debate.

The Governors Highway Safety Association noted in its annual report that though there has been a slight decline in fatalities nationally, "there is little evidence that the risk factors for motorcyclists have been reduced in recent years."

As Erie motorcyclists know, those risk factors include drivers of cars, pick-ups, SUVs and tractor-trailers who simply don't look for motorcycles on our roads. The drivers might take a quick glance when turning or going through an intersection, but that glimpse isn't long enough or careful enough to reveal the presence of a cycle.

Far too many drivers also wrongly believe that their cars have a greater right to the road than motorcycles do. Their "get out of my way" attitude can result in collisions with motorcycles that put riders at great risk of serious injuries.

For motorcyclists who have been injured by careless drivers or distracted drivers, the road to recovery can be long and difficult — and very expensive. An Erie County attorney experienced in motorcycle accident injury litigation can help you get the compensation needed and deserved for medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

At Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., we serve Erie County as well as clients in Pittsburgh and throughout western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

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