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Rideshare services could face cease-and-desist order

While taxi cabs have been a transportation option for many throughout the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area for quite some time, more recently rideshare services like Lyft and Uber have become a popular alternative. Easy to access via a phone app it is becoming more and more common for those in need of a ride to contact a driver.

Not everyone is enamored with the rideshare service however. The Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission recently sought a cease-and-desist order against both Lyft and Uber. Among other things, the commission is particularly concerned with the businesses’ policies regarding:

  • Driver background checks
  • Proper inspections
  • Proper insurance

In addition, though both businesses have pending license applications with the PUC, none of the individuals currently driving for either of these businesses have PUC issued Certificates of Public Convenience.

In support of the cease-and-desist order, the PUC argued that the operation of the motor carrier passenger services under the current circumstances creates a situation that is “an accident waiting to happen.”

As is the case with any automobile on a Pennsylvania road, there is the chance that one of these vehicles could be involved in a motor vehicle accident. When an accident is due to negligence involving a vehicle or driver of one of the vehicles being operated as a part of either of the rideshare businesses, it is possible that lawsuits could be filed. To keep the roads as safe as possible and make sure that those who are hurt in such an incident can be compensated, most would agree that insurance should be in place and certain safety standards should be met.

Source: Pittsburgh Business Times, “PUC attorney: Lyft is an accident waiting to happen,” Justine Coyne, June 26, 2014

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