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Pittsburgh area construction worker pinned by steam roller

In states throughout the nation, including Pennsylvania, summer months mean one thing for drivers–road work. Some of these construction projects take all summer, while others only a few days. Regardless of the length of the project, these worksites can be dangerous. It is possible that someone working at one could be involved in a construction accident.

This happened late last month to a man working on a road located outside of Pittsburgh. The incident involved an asphalt steam roller. The injured worker was operating the piece of machinery when something caused him to lose control. This, in turn, led to the steam roller rolling on top of him, trapping him. It is not known what caused the man to lose control of the piece of equipment.

Though the man was injured, rescue workers were able to free him and transport him to an area hospital. From that hospital he was taken to another one via helicopter. The nature and severity of the man’s injuries are not clear. Though the worker was conscious at the time he was freed, because a helicopter was used to move him, it is likely that the injuries were fairly serious.

Serious injuries usually make it impossible for that person to immediately return to his or her job. During the recovery period finances are usually tight. To help with some of those expenses many find it worthwhile to file for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits, which most employers in the state of Pennsylvania are expected to provide, make that period of time easier to navigate.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Man freed after being trapped under asphalt roller in Monroeville,” Annie Sieber, Aug. 30, 2013

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