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Western Pennsylvania worker’s leg broken in construction accident

Earlier this week a construction worker was injured while working in a trench in Allegheny County. As the man worked something caused a pipe in the trench to break. When it broke, it fell onto the construction worker resulting in a broken ankle.

When a worker, who has a job that entails a lot of physical labor, is hurt while working, it is possible that he or she will not immediately be able to return to work. This is the case in situation such as this one where after immediate medical attention the injury will take several weeks to heal. During this period of time a worker may fear that he or she will not have enough money to make ends meet. In a construction accident like this, it is possible that a workers' compensation claim could be filed.

Though a legal matter, a workers' compensation claim does not involve a courtroom, at least not initially. Instead it is similar to a filing with an insurance company in which coverage for certain injuries is requested. While it is not uncommon for initial filings to be denied, often injured individuals find that they have better success after engaging the assistance of a workers' compensation lawyer.

The benefits to an injured worker who is successful in securing them vary due to a series of factors including the type and severity of the injury. A worker will received a different amount for a minor injury that will heal fairly quickly as opposed to someone who is seriously hurt and has suffered injuries that are permanent.

Source: KDKA, "Worker Injured In Trench Accident In Baldwin," May 15, 2013

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