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Issue with axle prompts recall of some Chrysler vehicles

Drivers of certain Chrysler vehicles in the Pittsburgh area should be aware that their SUV or pickup truck could have recently been recalled. The recall is due to an issue that could cause the driver of the vehicle to lose control of it. This could ultimately cause the vehicle to crash, potentially leading to injuries or even death.

In total, 370,297 vehicles are included in the recall, which were sold over the course of several years. 278,222 of those vehicles were sold in the United States. Various model years of the following vehicles were included in the recall:

  • Ram 1500 pickups
  • Dodge Dakota pickups
  • Chrysler Aspens
  • Dodge Durangos

Some of the vehicles recalled were previously recalled for the same issue with a failed auto component this past fall. The issue the vehicles may be dealing with is a problem with the rear axle of the vehicles. One of the parts used to put that portion of the vehicle together can at times cause it to lock up. Should any injuries result due to this defect in the manufacture of the vehicles, some vehicle owners could decide to file a products liability lawsuit to recover monetary damages.

At this point the issue with the axle has reportedly led to 15 accidents. Fortunately, none of those accidents led to anyone being hurt. Hopefully the recall will make owners of those vehicles aware of the problem and prevent further accidents from happening in the future.

Owners of the vehicles will be able to have the problem fixed at car dealerships.

Source: Reuters, "Chrysler recalls 370,297 trucks for possible loose fastener," Feb. 14, 2013

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