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Rear-end collisions are among the leading types of accidents in America, and they result in some of the most serious types of injuries. Often, rear-enders are the result of a distracted driver texting or talking on the cell phone in heavy traffic, not able to stop quickly enough when the traffic comes to a halt.

Rear-end collisions typically cause serious injuries to the shoulders, neck and back. When struck from behind, the forward thrust of the body causes a whipping action that the human frame isn’t build to withstand. Even when the body does not come in contact with the steering wheel or interior of the car, the sudden whip and deceleration can cause serious bone, muscle, joint and even internal organ damage. Sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain against the inside of the skull often results in hematoma, concussion and other types of closed head wounds, even when there is no outward injury to the head.

If you were injured when struck from behind in an accident in Pennsylvania or Ohio, talk to an attorney on the personal injury trial team at Dallas W. Hartman, P.C., with offices in New Castle, Hermitage, Butler and Erie, Pennsylvania. We have years of experience investigating the full cause and effect of rear-end collisions and have obtained significant insurance settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of injury victims and surviving family members who have lost a loved one in a fatal rear-end collision.

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We have extensive experience representing clients who have suffered serious injury in rear-end collisions and other types of car accidents on Pennsylvania or Ohio roads, including:

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